Open communication and exciting team spirit are part of the DNA of 4Dance! and need to be respected at all time.

  • We respect each other, our trainers and coaches
  • We practice with attention and effort. We don’t fight nor make disturbing noises and, if necessary, we leave the hall temporarily.
  • We change clothes in the dressing room.
  • Food and drinks (except water) are not allowed in the practice rooms
  • Only dancing shoes are allowed on the parquet floor
  • The room will be cleaned after each practice : used materials are put in place, and we swiffer the parquet
  • We put our waste in the right container
  • Cancel your private lessons in time if you are unable to attend. Free hours can be taken by other dancers.  If you do not honour your appointment or cancel in time (at least 1 day in advance),  we will be obliged to ask a “no show” fee.
  • Members who show inappropriate behavior can be excluded immediately without refund of money.

Each member of the board is allowed to do an intervention when he/she determines a breach of one of the above rules.

The entire internal rules and code of conduct can be read here

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