Robrecht and Nadia are dancing since 1999 and became in the last couple of years multiple times Belgian Champion. The passion for dancing is not staying in Belgium only. On international level Robrecht and Nadia are listed in the top of Senior Dancing.

Robrecht & Nadia
President & Sports Director
Luc & Chris started, as many among us, with recreational dancing but both got bitten very soon by the dancesportmicrobe. Out of eager to improve their danceskills they started in competition. They started “late” at their mid 50’s but that didn’t limit their efforts and drive, neither their results. After a carefull and difficult debut the results started to come and their drive still increased. In the future they want to keep growing and improving. Very recently they participated in international WDSF competition. The participation in competitions like this, motivates extra and rises them to a higher level. Out of their ever growing passion for the dancesport they like to share their experience and knowledge with other starting couples in an effort to help and support other couples to improve themselves to next level.
Luc & Chris
Communications Manager & Secretary
Marc & Anita
Peter & Yeva
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