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Ludo Ver Berne & Vera van Praag

We are Ludo and Vera and have been active as competitive dancers for 18 years, nationally and internationally. Dancing is our passion and sport. We started at Senior 1, then Senior 2 and 3 and currently Senior 4.

We feel very appreciated and supported by 4Dance!.

The training locations are only a few minutes from our home, which is certainly a plus. We couldn't have made a better transfer.

Gilbert & Anke van den Andel

In 2005 we found a mate in each other to take on the adventure of dancing together. We soon discovered that we felt much more for each other and for dancing than we first thought. Dancing began to take a big and important part of our lives and together we grew from starting debutant in 2006, to now senior 1 finalist. These days, the focus is also on international competitions and we are regularly found abroad.

In 4Dance! we have found a team of people who inspire and motivate us.

This in combination with all the facilities that 4Dance! offers, makes us even more enthusiastic about working hard and getting the most out of ourselves. We look forward to all the wonderful experiences and memories that the future will bring us.

Paul & Nini Vandenrul - Kuypers

We started as Adults, so long ago. Dancing has made us who we are, determined, working hard and continuing to believe in ourselves. After many times 'close to' we became Belgian Champion for the first time in 2010. In the meantime, we are proud of our 13 titles.

Under the wings of 4Dance we start the new season and look forward to the National and International competitions. We are proud to be part of this great club..

Proud members ❤️

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Henri & Francine Leboutte - Adam​

Henri and Francine are living and working in Luxemburg and Henri has still the Belgian nationality.
They made their first dance steps in 2007. It became immediatly a passion. After a few years in basic dance school, and regular private lessons, they started competition for DTV Germany in 2013 and danced from D to S Class in 3 years.

Member of the German Dancesport Club Koblenz since 2016, they decided in February 2020, to switch to 4Dance! and dance for the club, with the spirit of « love for dancing and freedom to dancers ».

Benny Smets & Christiane Henderix

We are Benny and Christiane.

We started competition dancing in 2012 in the starting class. Currently we dance "Senior4S" nationally, but we have also danced some international competitions .

We are very happy to dance at our new club "4Dance!". It gives us so much energy to be able to dance together with other couples and we enjoy it very much.

Marcel & Thésy Tockert


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